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Teenage crush

Alan Wilson

Alan Blind Owl Wilson.

He was, for me, the handsomest guy in the world.

I loved the way he smiled. I would have given my world just for one gentle kiss.

Maybe he was an unconventional dreamboy for a teenager.

But I never cared for conventionality – not even then.

Alan Wilson


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Missing you so



Art thou gone so,

lover, lord, ay husband, friend?

I must hear from you every day in the hour,

For in a minute there are many days.





William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.

John William Waterhouse, Lamia

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Teenage dreams

My mother could not understand what I saw in him.

She more or less accepted my fixation with The Beatles.

But this!

She must have thought these guys looked dangerous, and that her baby was going to end up walking a lonesome road with feverish eyes and a heroin shot in her veins.

The lonesome road to nowhere my cousin had walked ahead of me.

But I loved this song – and I was in love with the singer.

His voice on the tape recorder and his photos on the wall. I played this song again and again, clicking the rewind key literally hundreds of times.

I wanted to die so I could meet him in Paradise, and adore him for all eternity.

I was utterly bewitched by him.

On the road again.

Alan Christie Wilson, musicologist, 1943-1970.

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The Accolade

For were I worth the whole of womankind,

And all the wealth in th world were in my hand,

And if bargaining I were to bid to bring myself a lord-

With your noble qualities, knight, made known to me now,

Your good looks, gracious manner and great courtesy,

All of which I have heard of before, but here prove true-

No lord that is living could be allowed to excel you.

Edmund Blair Leighton.

The Accolade.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Author unknown.

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Three words game

.,, wrote:

 Alexa’s a rebel

              with a cause

                      I rather enjoy

Alexa wrote:

                   (a tricky rhyme)

             giving you joy

.,, wrote:

with three words?


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Three words poem

.,, wrote:
said trickle flows
            slow so clear
        vivacious as crystal
               enriching all givers
                     increasing each lover
                              while nameless sad
                                        faces race hating
                                                merely their fear 
Alexa wrote:
                                                    Hold me tight
                                             as lovers do
                                   what we share
                             joy in lust
                     is just love
               love is just
three little words

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