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I once stood for hours
Looking at the ravaged symmetry
Of the broken marble pillars
Of the Parthenon. White, tall ruins
Weathered yet proud.
Someone said:
What do you see in old stones?


Thanks, B.



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Today I arrived at the airport at six o’clock to find that the 6.15 flight suffered from one of those “technical reasons” which sets one aircraft into the much hated cathegory of “no go”. That the plane was a “no go” flight was known since two A.M.

But nothing had been done by the night staff on duty, so the check in pool arriving at five just checked in passengers as if the flight was a “go” flight.

I was already tired to death after a bad night. Then the voice over the tarmac announced the flight was “delayed”. One hundred and eighty three passengers materialized in front of me showing their boarding passes and crying outrage.

I hadn’t got the slightest clue about what was going on. I hadn’t even taken off my coat, and my computer was still off. No one had briefed me.

I couldn’t think what to do. Decisions are easy to take if you have had time to plan, to check alternatives. But not easy when one hundred and eighty three people are shouting at you “I have a business meeting” “I have a medical appointment” “I have a connecting flight” “I have TWO connecting flights” “I have paid and I have my rights” at the same time, you don’t know what is happening and you are alone.

I was in shock: I could not digest that the people who had been in charge of the flight had actually done nothing, had not even informed the check in pool or the passengers.

One of my workmates came to my aid. My personal saviour grabbed my arm, shouted “one moment please” in the general direction of the shouting mob, took me to the inside office and thrusted a hot cup of coffee into my hands. “React, Alexa. I’m by your side. We’ll deal with this together. Come on, drink, breathe deep and let’s fight”.

It took hours until the mob cleared up. In the midst of deafening insults and threats she stood by me.  It was not her duty to be there suffering abuse and stress.

A friend who is by your side when times are dark. Those are the ones that count.

Beautiful, clever, witty, faithful, lovely Maria del Carmen N.

Here’s to you, my friend.

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The Alhambra

twilight in Granada

Allí fabló un moro viejo, — de esta manera fablara:
—¿Para qué nos llamas, rey, — para qué es esta llamada?

—¡Ay de mi Alhama!—

—Habéis de saber, amigos, — una nueva desdichada:
que cristianos de braveza — ya nos han ganado Alhama.

—¡Ay de mi Alhama!—

Allí fabló un alfaquí — de barba crecida y cana:
—Bien se te emplea, buen rey, — buen rey, bien se te empleara.

—¡Ay de mi Alhama!—

Mataste los Bencerrajes, — que eran la flor de Granada,
cogiste los tornadizos — de Córdoba la nombrada.

—¡Ay de mi Alhama!—

Por eso mereces, rey, — una pena muy doblada:
que te pierdas tú y el reino, — y aquí se pierda Granada.

—¡Ay de mi Alhama!—

Romance de la pérdida de Alhama, anonymous XVth century

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more or less inspiring

Our ideas feature

words paint pictures

life as art

Still life

There is nothing

more or less inspiring

than peach like hips

and a pair of breasts

Still life in a niche, Frans Snijders

Sleeping bather, Pierre Auguste Renoir

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From this scattered jumble
of past places ideas wander
to a history of our nature
an alternate look at life
We all hear a different piper
see a seperate stately message
as we wend our puzzled passage
through this changling maze called time
While we think and taste and touch it
take a nervous nibble quickly
we must follow what we did before
…………………………….to get to where we go .
Every portion is a gamble
..to find marvels all should ramble
with some luck and balanced planning
all may taste the lotus bloom
As we seek evasive answers
look about and try to open
all the tiny perfect puzzles
of this planet we infest

Please consider logic’s lesson

.then step light upon existence

careless leaching users vanish
if they kill their only host

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Victim indeed.

I cannot find the clothes I like.

Old Levi’s 501 are out of the question.

Impossible to find jeans that fit

at the waist and do not hang from the hips

with the crotch reaching mid-tights.

Because they do hang, unless I buy a pair

one size smaller than I need.

So, what was the saying?

If you cannot win, join in?

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