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The Monastery

On the top of the hill

Where the monks walked

Twelve centuries ago.


Now only the spiders

Sleep inside the cells

And only the lizards look

From the broken windows.


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When I kiss you on your cheek I touch you on your other cheek

Then while I kiss you on your lips I whisper of your other lips

And as I kiss you on your tongue tip you taste me with your other tongue

So that if I kiss you on your mouth your other mouth moans I lust you


Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, The Favourite Poet

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Every year the local Scouts have a meeting, parents and all. Big barbie-style meeting, where everyone shares their food.

Everyone brings some food, and usually everyone brings the same food.

This called for a mini-meeting with the twins and the little mouse. Let’s be original: no Spanish omelette, no hamburguers, no fried chicken.

. 150 g. dark chocolate

. 100 g. butter (unsalted!!)

. 100 g. almonds – finely ground.

. 100 g. refined sugar.

. 4 large eggs

baking powder

Melt the chocolate and the butter slowly, or the chocolate will get stuck to the bottom of the pan.

Get another pan and beat the yolks with the sugar till the mixture whitens. It does whiten,  just keep on beating till it does.

When the yolk and sugar mixture is whitened (ok, it’s not actually white, but that’ll do) add the melted chocolate and butter, the ground almonds and baking powder, and mix well.

The egg whites have to be beaten to form stiff peaks before adding them to the chocolate mixture. Yep, that’s another pan.

Blend carefully. I said ca-re-fu-lly.

Sprinkle a fourth pan with flour, put the mixture in it and bake it in the oven, middle rack, 180ºC. Should be 30 minutes, but better check with a toothpick.

 We decided to fill our chocolate cake with raspberry jam.

Heat the raspberry jam with a spoonful of water or two. That way it is easier to drain through a strainer to get rid of all those little seeds that always get stuck between your teeth.

Cut the chocolate cake in two disks (take it out of the pan first!) and fill it with as much raspberry jam as you like. Then put the cake together again.


. 100 g dark chocolate

. 100 ml double cream

. 50 g butter (unsalted, I said!!)

Heat the double cream in another pan (has anyone washed the other ones?) until it is boiling, then take it from the fire or it will boil over. Add the chocolate and the butter and beat it until it looks smooth and shiny.

Cover the cake with the chocolate mixture and leave it in the fridge to cool. And to put it away from the twins’ and the cats’ reach.

Convince someone to wash the pans and the cream that finally boiled over and is glued to the cooktop. Girls? Where have you gone?


Scout Group: Ashanti 523

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The white dress

Last Saturday I was blackmailed into accompanying my mother to a wedding.



My mother is a very accomplished blackmailer.

So, instead of going home

after nine hours of hard work

and putting on a T-shirt and a pair of dungarees

I had to put on a dress and take a taxi to the church.


Bonus point:

No hairdersser and no make up.

That better, sis?

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The David

Yesterday I read an article. It mentioned when Michelangelo’s Statue of David was first installed in the Cathedral of Florence.
The date: 8 June 1504, Italian Renaissance.
I wondered how on Earth did the Church authorities allow David to be exposed inside a Roman Catholic Church.
Maybe the Roman Catholic Church tolerance of nude bodies ended with the Italian Renaissance.

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I wake up at six
for a reversal of time.

I close my eyes
peacefully into a silent mist.

My mind still bent
on chasing
slowly vanishing visions,
on fantasies in shades of grey,
misty reveries
precious silvery slumbers

Volatile dreams flutter
to clarify my drowsy mind.




Written for the “Jigsaw Poem” project.
The challenge was to incorporate these ten words:
clarify – volatile – precious – silent – flutter – fantasy – reversal – peace – time – bent.


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Gale bent branches lash

not quite shattering windows

to a volatile soul

where my precious passes

our winter reading in silent hope

as a flutter in each shadowed

longed for fantasy clashes

with short term reality clarifying

that after each and every reversal

peace will reclaim our time


Originally from Ideas Exchange.

This poem was written for the “Jigsaw Poem” project.


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