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I have been cut from the world those past days. I took my tent, a couple of books, a couple of lanterns.

I also took my cell phone and my laptop – I thought I wouldn’t survive without them. But I walked with them all the paths of the forest and there was no network coverage.

So I was forced to put them back into their case and forget all about them.

I woke up when the sun rose and I slept when the sun set. The only sounds to be heard where the birds singing, the leaves slowly dancing with the breeze, the brook splashing on its uneven rocky bed.

No neon lights, no telly blasting buy-it-now ads, no cars speeding and blowing their horns. Just the moon shining over the trees.

Bathing in the cold clear waters of the brook. Drying my hair by combing it under the sun. Picking wild blackberries and raspberries from the bushes, and those tiny strawberries that grow almost hidden under the shrubs and whose taste is so sweet.

How little one needs to find peace.


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Dedicated to my little daughter, Juliet.

My little bluebird

Testing your wings.

There was a time
when you would stay,
when you were mine.

When I was your world,
When there was no one
but me by your side.
When you were my world.

Now you are flying
laughing and free.
You are smiling
with joy in those eyes
that no longer need
to look into mine.

Fly away, my little bluebird.



Written for the Bluebird Challenge, http://midwestpoet.wordpress.com

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