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We’re staying at the Kibbutz. The site is older than time, inhabited from prehistoric times till today. From Neanderthals to Egyptians and from Roman to Crusaders, everybody´s been here. And fought here.

There is still an immense tel to be excavated, and only G-d knows what lies buried in its depths.

The ruins of the old Roman City have nothing to envy the ones in Rome. Theaters, villas, amphitheaters… I can get lost walking the old ruined streets. And I swear that no matter how odd a pair of Converse All-Star look combined with a skirt, that’s what I’m going to wear next time. Heels are not good for ruins.

The Roman StreetThe TermasTheatre

But the best part is that the Roman Baths are still working; they are now surrounded by palm trees and are equipped with every thing you could desire: the food is international, the towels are fluffy, the water is hot and  gorgeous Israeli men give you a massage if you want to (I want to).  Then you can sit and relax on very comfortable cushions scattered all around drinking mojitos.

There’s an open cinema where the history of the site and its inhabitants is shown against the centuries old walls. I lost count of the invaders, there are far too many. The only people who seems to be missing are the German troops during II World War.

The most amazing thing is that you can walk the deserted ruins at night. The feeling is eerie, like the shadows of the people who lived here so long ago can be felt in the breeze, whispering in our ears that someday our proud buildings will be ruins, too, and ourselves no more than walking shadows in the night.


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